Metabolic Stimulator (60 capsules)

HistDAO™ 60 Capsules
Part Number: Metabolic_Stimulator_60c
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Neurobiologix new Exclusive formula, created by Kendal Stewart, MD, combines D-Chiro-Inositol and 3 other nutrient cofactors to enhance the necessary biochemical steps needed for intracellular energy.

Recent research has indicated that weakness in Autophagy, the cellular mechanism that clears dead and non-functional debris from inside the cell, can interrupt the efficiency of glucose transport into the cell. Glucose is used by all cells to create energy through the mitochondria. If there is a lack of cellular energy, the parts of the body that are most affected are the brain, hormone producing organs, the immune system and the muscular system. Typical symptoms of autophagy affected glucose transport include:

o Memory Issues / Brain Fog

o Sugar / Carbohydrate Cravings

o Fatigue

o Immune Weakness

o Weight Gain

o Hormone Irregularity

o “Hangry” Sensation

o Hypoglycemia

o Mildly Elevated Blood Sugars

Metabolic Stimulator was created to assist with cellular glucose transport utilizing two important agents of glucose transport. Both of these agents improve cellular glucose transport assisting insulin signaling to the glucose transporter of the cell. These key ingredients are:

o D-Chiro Inositol (a specialized B vitamin (Vit B8)

o Chromium Picolinate (a specialized mineral complex)

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